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Ulitmate freshness

We can clean the most foul odors for your home, RV, boats, campers and vehicles so you can get back to the natural air.

Home owners & Realtors rely on us to freshen homes for true value

Airbnb, rentals, hotels & other property renters get better reviews on cleaner spaces

Remove unwanted odors from your car, RV, boat or personal space

Smokers are releaved at how we can purify all types of smoke fumes
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Home Sanitization – Air Cleaning & Purification
What is an Ozone Generator?
Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidizing gases found in all outdoor environments. It is capable of reacting or destroying vast numbers of organic materials found in indoor environments. Used in low dosages, it is capable of controlling odors and restricting the growth of or killing mold, mildew, bacteria and other microorganisms.  
Home Fresh uses ozone generators to remove odors from your home or establishment such as; tobacco smoke, smoke due to fire, cooking, musty basements, fungus, skunk, etc.
Ozone generators are to be used in closed off areas. The room or home should be completely sealed and all persons and pets must vacate the premises. A Home Fresh technician will set up the machine; we recommend eight to twelve hours for full home sanitization.
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