Tips & Tricks - Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Stain Removal

• The Best form of carpet cleaning is always prevention. Taking proper care and maintaining your carpet will guarantee a longer life for your carpet.

• Stains that are not treated often reappear at the surface of your carpet. You may have thought you cleaned the stain, but soon after you'll see the stain making its way to the surface of your rug. To prevent this, give us a call, we will take care of it!

• A clean carpet is one that you take the time to vacuum often and correctly. That means going over the floor in several directions to allow the vacuum to pick up all the particles it can. A quality vacuum is the best to use.

• About 80 per cent of soils that enter a building or house are dry. The remaining 20 per cent are oils, greases and starches. The dry soils are easily removed by frequent vacuuming which will help minimize the damage.

• Keeping your carpet clean is more than just healthy; it can also extend the life of the carpet. It will also benefit your health, keep it odor free and add value to your house.

• While you are vacuuming, don’t forget to go over your upholstery. It is a good idea to vacuum the upholstery once a week to remove the surface soil, preventing the dirt from penetrating deep into the fabric. You can also use a brush to whisk away the dirt from your couch.